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Karaoke Song List Creator Help

What this help file contains

About Karaoke Song List Creator

How to use Karaoke Song List Creator

About Karaoke Song List Creator

Karaoke Song List Creator is the complete karaoke disc database. It allows you to
Create karaoke song lists.
Quickly find a specific song or artist.
Commercially Print Karaoke Song Lists.
Add or delete your own karaoke discs

The Karaoke Song List Creator workplace has three main areas.

Disc MF Codes
Track List
Tool Area

The Master Database

The Disc MF Codes area contains all the karaoke disc MF Codes that are currently in the database. This is the area  where you select the karaoke codes that you want to  include in your song list.
To select a karaoke MF Code, click the small white square next to the karaoke manufacture code.

To quickly jump to a disc code,
Click the Find Disc Code drop down menu.
Click disc name.

Track List

The track List area is where all the current selected disks tracks are displayed. This area also displays tracks when you perform a search

Tool Area

Tools to perform various tasks are located within this area.

How to use Karaoke Song List Creator

Use my own reference numbers for discs
Create a song list
Search for a song or artist
Save a song list
Open an existing song list
Add a disc or track
Delete a disc or track
How to update discs from our web site

Use my own disc numbers for discs

To make your song list easier to understand and read you should give each disk in your collection a unique reference number.
To do this please select the Use My Own Disc Numbers check box in the tools area
If  this box is selected, every time you selected a disc from the MF Codes you will be asked to enter a reference number.
This reference number will then be used on your song list

i.e. If you had Sunfly disc 149 then this will have a MF Code of SF149, your reference for this disc could be 1

Create a song list

To create a song list you will first need to have a list of all the karaoke discs that you want to include in the list.
Select the menu File / Print Disc Selection Sheet
This will print out a sheet that will help you record all the discs in your collection.
Please give each disc in you collection a unique reference number, this will help you simplify your song list.
To identify the MF Codes (manufacture codes) please select the disc codes quick link in the tools area for reference

Disc Codes Quick Link

When you have identified all your discs you are ready to begin creating your song list.

1.    Make sure the Use My Own Disc Numbers check box is selected.
2.    Decide if you want to remove all duplicate tracks by selecting the Remove Duplicate Tracks check box.
3.    Click the small white box next to the MF Codes area of all the discs that you have in your collection.
4.    Select the sort option by clicking one of the four options Song, Artist, MF Code, Track.
5.    Click the Create List button and wait for your list to be processed.
6.    When your list is displayed click the print button.

Search for a song or artist

To search for a song or artist simply type in the search for text field, a part of a song or artist then click the Artist or Song button.
The Track list will display all tracks matching your search.

Save a song list

To save a list first create a list then click the save button and select a folder and filename to save the song list as.
All settings that are chosen will be saved.

Open an existing song list

To open an existing song list click the open button and select the file that you want to open.
All settings that you choose when you saved the file will be restored.

Add a disc or track

To add a disc or track select the menu Edit / Add Tracks.
This will display the Add Tracks window.

Enter a Disc Code, Track Number, Song and Artist then click the Add Track button.
The window will now be ready for the next track to enter.

Delete a disc or track

Warning... When you delete a disc or track it is deleted from the master database and cannot be undone.
To delete a disc or track highlight a disc or track then right click the mouse and select Delete Disc or track.
This will show the Delete Track or Disc window

How to update discs from our web site

Go to our web site www.airwer.com and download an update file.
After downloading this file select the menu File/Update Database and you will see the following window.

Locate the downloaded file on your computer the click OK


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